Pups are great and will grow to fit the environment. A good decision is to begin puppy training classes as soon as possible. Most people do not expect as much as they should require from their new family member when it comes to rules!!!

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These are just a few comments over the many, many years, and the list goes on….

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KendraKenda is doing great he is very playful and always wants to be close by, until he gets tired then he just curls up in the corner and passes out haha. I am very happy with him he is an amazing puppy and absolutely adorable thank you for everything.
- Tyler

Dear Bobbi,
Eric and I sure enjoyed our visit Monday! Meeting such nice folks was a bonus, too. As I said when leaving… very impressed with both your set-up and ALL of your wonderful adult dogs and the beautiful pups. I know he will change a lot in the next few weeks....happy for us that we found a new baby to love! It is going to be a L-O-N-G 3 1/2 weeks....
Thanks so much, Bobbi, Kath & Eric (Gypsy/Whopper Son)

“This one female is MY DOG. I have never seen a female... she will knock your socks off! Love, inga.” (Jet pup)

Hi Bobbi and David!Our first almost month has gone well. We are loving having Lincoln at our home and are learning new things about him each day. He loves to cuddle with the kids and watch movies. We did have an emergency when he had an allergic reaction. We notice his eye swollen. We took him to the ER vet and they took excellent care of him and told us it was due to and insect bite. He is in perfect health aside from his bug snafu. Thank you for your interest in how he is doing! I have attached some pictures for you to see. Also, Our fur baby has the hang of the leash. The kids love walking him!
- Mikane

“Thanks Bobbi, we received your nice brochure about obedience training for Baron. He's 6 months old now, about 60 lbs and is a gorgeous guy. We receive compliments about him every time we take him anywhere and we refer people to you. His ears are standing up properly, his coat is full and lush, and he now has all his permanent teeth. When I talk to him, he usually laughs at me with his big toothy grin. Thanks for breeding such wonderful dogs. Peggy and Ray (Orest son and purchased a sister for their daughter)

“We're taking him for vaccinations on Thursday and the vitamins were ordered just a few days ago. He's grown it seems twice the size he was compared to when we got him a few weeks ago. He's pretty well behaved and he's responding pretty well so far.” Taran with Swazi (Ruschka/Angus Son)

We are doing obedience classes with her now and she is the most well behaved dog in the class...so proud of her! We have told several people about you when they ask where we got her... One couple was very interested in getting one of your pups...they absolutely loved Sophie! (Ruschka/Whopper Daughter)

“...But I have to tell you, every time I see a dog that looks like Duke, I still start to cry. He was one in a million, and I miss him terribly. The thing about Duke was that he had a presence, that's hard to explain. He was so personable, and I loved that about him. One time you asked me if I would consider to sell him, and I said, Not for a million! Hugs, Helene” (Ivan pup – Her Duke, from us, has passed away now, fortunately this Breeder has a son of his to carry on) (Also, One of many satisfied users of our stud services) Coming back this year now for another one!

“...But I have to tell you, every time I see a dog that looks like Duke, I still start to cry. He was one in a million, and I miss him terribly. The thing about Duke was that he had a presence, that's hard to explain. He was so personable, and I loved that about him. One time you asked me if I would consider to sell him, and I said, Not for a million! Hugs, Helene” (Ivan pup – Her Duke, from us, has passed away now, fortunately this Breeder has a son of his to carry on) (Also, One of many satisfied users of our stud services) Coming back this year now for another one!

"Dear Bobbi........all is well with our 'newbie' He is fabulous!! Wonderful and smart and behaving quite good for his first few days. He has been my 'shadow' since arriving..... The potty training has been pretty good! Too cute! He is smart and has learned so many words and behaves so well. I keep him tethered or with me or in his enclosure all the time. That way he never even gets started getting into trouble or forming bad habits, roaming around the house or chasing the cats. They appreciate it when J.Lee sits or lies quietly when they are so close. Thanks, Kathie" (Gypsy/Whopper)

We love our dogs and Shira loves the grandkids and is very protective over them. She goes to work with Grant everyday unless I'm not working then she stays home with me and gets spoiled. We did take her to training classes. Shira is fine. Quite the young lady. She's such a doll and loves to be cuddles and sleeps on our bed!!! (Gypsy/Whopper Daughter)

...it's been a challenge because of my body, and she truly is a dominate female, bet she even ruled those boys as a little one. She accepts "no", is really good inside. ...Say 70% on minding, getting better tho. Doing well w/the choke chain, settles right in. As a therapy dog more thinking and attention. She's a real beauty!! Teri Day (Ruschka/Angus)

And for those who got a slightly older puppy or young adult from us....

He is truely a German Shepherd teenager, which means he tests all the time. That said he is really such a good-natured dog and he really tries to stay on everyone's good side. he has not only adjusted well, he is a really great dog. He loves to go for a walk, he has gentled nicely, and without question he is a showstopping beauty. We set the basic rules and stuck to them patience and consistency have paid off. He is a "forever" dog here and we are really glad to have him. Anyway, we call him Charlie Dickens and he is wonderful. - William

Raja made his entrance and was accepted by all animals and he accepted all people. He hasn't bothered the cats at all. He is quite gentle with my parents, no jumping (that's a biggie) and he lays at their feet like a perfect gentleman. He is fitting in beautifully, I'm off to get a string of bells so the dog can be taught to signal when he wants to go out. He didn't beg or show any bad manners at all. He really seems to be a perfect match and is well on his way to becoming an indispensable member of the family. He is one beautiful dog and has the personality to go with it. I'll send pictures next time I visit.
- Anne Tower

Hi bobbi, today we just brought longlong to a herding aptitude test to see if he can do some herding training, he did great and the tester absolutely loves him, she even ask who his breeder is. attached is the result.
- Eric

Bobbi,Zoey met some of neighbors--she really loves the attention. Zoey has already "went on command" x 3 for urine and x 2 for bm's. WOW she is an awesome dog and we are so blessed to find her. The neighbor kids are head over heels re:her and she loves when they interact with her. I think Zoey is baffled by the chickens--she lays quietly and watches them.
Sincerely,Becky & Pat (Gypsy/Maxl daughter)


"Thank You for my German Shepherd boy, if you ever want a recommendation let us know. Also, my husband said he doesn't like just having one, so we should get another one. We are so very happy with Rio. He is very intelligent. Loves being in the house, Fastlearner.He is fine with our Schnauzers. We do love him and he wants to be with or close to us. He was great for the Vet. I will send pictures. ThankYou, Gail" (Gypsy/Whopper Son)

Hi Bobbi, Arlo just started obedience yesterday. We love him! He gets along great with the JRT but he showed his teeth at her yesterday when she tried to take a toy. (He thinks they are all his.) But…. She is the one who has trained him to do it. Anyway, he has a great personality. Cydney

Hi Bobbi, Rover is really doing good. I would like to thank you for your support and your knowledge. Rover is comfortable with his crate and also liking the backyard. Regards Rohitash

Hello Bobby Jo! Leopold is loving, great with people. He had some fear stuff going on with other dogs and he's also pretty Alpha Male and sometimes a bit stubborn (hey, he's got personality!) but with training he's coming around great! He's so beautiful and big. We found a trainer up here who is doing amazing stuff. When he comes to work with Leopold, Leopold is thrilled to see him so I know he is happy while learning at the same time. All the Best, Jen

Hi Bobbi, Thank you for all of the notes! We are enjoying our little pup, "Kali". She did great on the 2 hr drive home. She loves to play on the lawn and play with her new big sister. She was a little whiny during the night and we got up with her several times, but otherwise, everything is great! She loves the bone you gave us for the ride home. Thanks again! 🙂 - Tracy

I was so pleased w/Saffron today. Grandson..., she actually adjusted her activity to his level for 5 hrs., no ball, no rumble, no run. ... can see maturing happening quickly! Your new Daddy dog is gorgeous! Terri (Angus Ruschka dau)

Good news I think Ronja is just fine. Now that the swelling has gone down I can see a little mark that looks like it was a bug bite, so happy. She is doing so good. She has the heeling walking on a leash down pretty good. She's learned how to fetch and bring back but sometimes gets distracted. We r teaching her her commands in German and she does better than me at any moment, horses don't seem to understand "nine"!!! she loves going with me very where she can. I have no doubt I picked the right one...

Hi Bobbi,Yes. The puppy is Kali at 8 wks old. She is much bigger now, as I'm sure you know! She is pretty much house potty-trained! She is very happy to sleep in her crate in the family room instead of my bedroom. I still get up once a night so she can go to the bathroom outside, though..... We are also working on the sit and down commands. Kali has quite the personality!

If you click on the video link below, there is a Facebook tab on the right side which will allow you to share it on Facebook.Thanks, Tracy

Hi Bobbi,Thanks for the email. Kali is doing well. I cannot believe they grow so quickly. She has not had an indoor potty accident in days so it seems like she is adjusting. We also allow her supervised play times in the house but only after she has gone potty outside. Thanks, Tracy Jones

Hi Bobbi, I purchased my beautiful Dakota from you at your other facility. We boarded our dogs with you at the old place. Glad to see you are still in the business. If I have to board my kids, I can't think of anyone I trust more to watch over them. Sincerely, Peggy

Nice, this little guy hasn't done one single poop in the house. He is the center of attention!!Everyone has spoiled him.

Hi Bobbi! So far, everything is going great with Tony, he's such a good puppy 🙂 I've been bringing him to work with me, and overall, he's exceptionally well-behaved. He's getting lots of socialization, potty training is going very well, he's eating well. I know that a puppy needs consistent training from the beginning, I don't want to be too easygoing and end up w/behavior issues. I know you have tons of experience with GSD puppies. Thanks! Christy

Sometimes we become like family!!!
Reference from a woman I mentored through her beginning days of becoming a breeder.

Hi Bobbi. Thanks for all the good info. I bought the Orest daughter years ago. She had several litters for me. Thanks again for all the great tips. You've always been such a good mentor. Pam

Pam became a successful breeder who loves animals and still breedsoccasionally.

Reference from a young girl I mentored through her intro into the world of dogs and dog training.

Bobbi, that is the nicest thing for you to say! I always credit you for introducing me to that world. You made a difference in my life then and still do! Hugs! Dolly

Dolly is now a very successful young woman who loves animals and still has them a part of her life.

And… we hear from People speaking up about us to others! THANKS!!!

Member DioworldLocation: Daly City, Bay Area LongLong's owner

I got a long coat male from bobbi last year. He is a wonderful dog with great temperament. I also know one of his siblings from another litter, around 2 yrs old, he's still doing great. Also, Bobbi is a CGC and therapy dog tester, she is very knowledgeable of the dogs

Sometimes the best form of advertising is a repeat customer!!!

Hi Bobbi, Are you available to discuss purchasing another puppy? If so, please call. Fritz is doing great but we want to purchase another of his siblings. Thanks, Val

Thanks for the info Bobbi! We are doing well so are Siegrid and Fritz. We love our additions. They are great dogs and awesome companions. All are in great health!Hugs, Val

(Zara is now their 3rd dog from me).

We were so in love with our puppy and I hope to get one as similar to him as possible. He was exactly what I wanted. When do you plan on having puppies available? Best regards, Cydney

Good Morning, Bobbi,It was great talking with you again.After 53 years, I tried to retire, but my arms felt so empty, I could not stand it. You too have the love and passion as I do for our furry friends.One can never feel bad while holding a loving puppy in our arms, can we?Hugs, Helene

Bobbi, you gave her to me and it was the best gift I ever received in my life. Jolie also was the most loving creature of any type I ever had in my life. You will always have a special place in my heart, Bobbi, because through you I had two of the best dogs in the world who greatly enriched my life. Gloria (Uran daughter)

Sometimes the best form of advertising is a repeat customer!!!

I do recommend Bobbi King. I have included contact info for Bobbi. I know her personally. All of my dealings with her have been positive. Bobbi King redwoodruns@yahoo.com 707-337-9223

Warm Regards, Debra Lynn Sherman OREGON USA

(Thank You, Debra. I respect all you offer the breed as well! Bobbi)

You can email her at redwoodruns@yahoo.com or find her on Facebook under my friends list? Bobbi Jo King. Super nice lady, very open and a Vet Tech also. I mean super knowledgeable. Whisper Love Gray (Thank You, Whisper. Your opinion matters and I appreciate your kind words! Bobbi)

Here is Bobbi's contact number. 707-337-9223. I think you will really like her puppies. They are of good quality. Bobbi does a lot of health test on her dogs. She is a quality breeder who test for good health in the dogs she breeds. You may want to get a puppy from her. She has been breeding longer than I have and she was one of my trainers. Sincerely, Karen Wolff
(Thank You, Karen. I truly respect your words of affirmation; you have developed a reputation of quality in the German Shepherd Dog breed! Bobbi)

Hi Bobbi, It was good to talk to you!!
When you have time, can you send me the notes to your obedience class? They were the best classes that I ever took!!! Karen (Thanks, Amazing where you have gone in the German Shepherd World! Bobbi)

And if you ever decide to breed your dog...

“Dear Bobbi, Well, I can't thank you enough for the wonderful experience that you have given us! When we came to you we didn't have very much information on what our females papers were all about. You were kind enough to go over everything with me. All through her pregnancy you were there if I called, and called I did, every time she turned around, and I can't Thank You enough for always being there. You let me know what she needed to be healthy and what I should be doing to sell the puppies. You helped me with all the paperwork and helped me sell every single puppy. Without your help this could of been a nightmare instead of a wonderful memory! If you should ever need a reference please don't hesitate to give them my number. Thank You, Marie"

Hi Bobbi,
I just wanted to thank you for everything. You are absolutely wonderful and made this entire process possible. I apologize for my several "near-nervous" breakdowns. I'm not good at relying on others for these things and have always been present in the past for all my breedings.
My mother can't stop talking about what a gorgeous dog Aladin is. The resident vet Andrea from the first insemination said the same thing. I wish I could have been there to meet him. Thank you for working with my mother to make this all work. And also for the many reminders to smile and that it will all be alright.
I will keep you updated as we progress. If you ever need a reference, please don't hesitate to use me. I am more than happy to refer people to you and speak to anyone regarding my wonderful experience with you and your dogs.As I mentioned earlier - this wouldn't have happened without you - you went above and beyond. Diana Hawkins

And if you ever decide to share your dog...

Barbara Davis <barbaradavis1040@>Subject: Therapy Dog Testing
I just want to thank you for testing Bergen to begin his life as a Therapy Dog. You are wonderful to work with and I felt that the information that you provided to me over the testing process and visit helped me have a successful first start in the experience. Hope to see you soon and thank you again. Barbara Davis

Took Baja on a 3.5 mile bike ride... Petco where I was complimented on his behavior... Awesome way to start the day! (Tiffany with her service dog, Baja before and after the run.) (Gypsy/Whopper Son)
“There are many days when the only good thing all day is Trudy, and the only pleasant time is our early evening outing. No matter how busy I am, I must give her a chance to play, and when I do it for her it is equally good for me. Sometimes the joy is simply watching her... Gloria” (Uran)

“The male is trained for the hearing disabled. At 13 weeks he can do the fire alarm , the door bell and is working on the phone. So, so smart. The trainer said he was BORN to work. Bobbi I really believe in your smart lines!” (They have a Jet son and daughter - She also used my stud and is keeping one of this litter and sold one as service dog)
I'm so glad Echo doesn't eat till she has the ok to. She is such a big girl that she can end up hurting me. She is so gentle and makes sure I'm ok before she eats. My son starts to pet her and she walks around him. Then sits on his lap... I think she thinks she is a small lap dog. (For Emilio’s needs)

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