About Us

Hello, I am Bobbi Jo King and welcome to Redwood Runs Resort.I purchased my first AKC German Shepherd Dog in 1979, and delivered my initial litter in 1981. I gave out the females I produced on Breeders Terms and sold the males to cover expenses and Lee's von Wolf began. When I first married, becoming Bobbi Lee, living in So Cal., I then asked for those litters to be produced. After my divorce and remarriage, becoming Bobbi Oawster, I moved to NorCal. and Vom Haus Drage continued. In 2005, my 2nd divorce finalized and A Redwood Runs Resort was born. I returned to my maiden name of Bobbi King. My motto always, “Bred to Serve”.

Throughout the many years, striving for quality prevailed. I am current with my License as a Registered Veterinary Technician and have experience within an Animal Care & Regulation facility passing credentialing for Animal Control Officer levels l/ll. I am an evaluator for The American Kennel Club CGC and Trick divisions. I am an Alliance of Therapy Dogs Tester/Observer. I managed herds of sheep, worked with 4-H and FFA. I have over 30 years working with animal owners, trainers and service dog organizations. I work with animals daily; including working with service dogs, occasional handling of competition dogs, and doing Therapy Service Dog related work.
I continue my education including seminars at UC Davis and through association with mentors, reading books, and listening to cd's by high income earners, with ethics, morals, integrity and character; people with “current fruit on the tree”, worldwide.

I would be an asset as an associate, or as “Your Pet’s Life Coach” and I look forward to hearing from you to schedule a visit. I offer mentorship to those who seek to learn with high values.